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3 Dental Care Issues that Can Impact You as You Age Baton Rouge, LA
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As you get older, you can experience numerous changes that can impact your teeth and gums. Enamel can wear down and nerves in your teeth can shrink, making you more susceptible to cavities and other problems. Regular dental exams are vital for identifying potential problems before these impact your overall health. Here are three dental care issues that can impact you as you age and what you can do to protect your oral health.

Chronic Dry Mouth

Chronic dry mouth can lead to a series of dental care issues. You need saliva to clean bacteria, acids and food debris that can erode your teeth. Cavities and gum disease can develop, which can lead to life-threatening health conditions if not addressed. If you have trouble producing saliva due to drug side effects or other reasons, it is vital to keep your mouth moist. Sip water between bites and bring water with you throughout the day.


One of the most common dental care issues older adults can experience is gingivitis. This condition displays the beginning signs of gum disease, which can include swollen gums and small amounts of blood when brushing. Gingivitis can be reversed if you make an appointment with a dental care professional right away.


If you fail to treat your gingivitis dental care issues promptly, it can lead to periodontitis. Receding gums begin to expose the roots of your teeth and lead to decay. Your teeth can fall out as the condition worsens. Bad odors can develop that can create embarrassing social situations. Prompt dental care can address this problem so you can enjoy a healthy smile and feel confident.

Baton Rouge Family Dental Care You Can Trust

If you want to prevent dental care issues that can impact your teeth as you get older, you need to practice good daily oral hygiene. Brush your teeth properly and use mouthwash and floss to remove debris. Limit alcohol and nicotine use and consume a healthy diet to give your teeth and gums the right nutrients. Juban Cowen Dental Care offers a comprehensive range of services for Baton Rouge families to effectively diagnose and treat any dental care issues you may have. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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