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A woman suffering from dental pain

Tooth pain can disrupt sleep, as well as make it difficult to speak and eat. Your tooth pain may be the result of damage, decay or disease. It is important to seek urgent dental care for persistent tooth pain. Juban Cowen Dental Care uses advanced technologies to assess dental health at our Baton Rouge offices. We are committed to reducing the cost of dentistry with early interventions that reinforce oral health.

If tooth pain is making you miserable, reach out to the team at Juban Cowen Dental Care. We are passionate about providing patients with effective pain relief. A consultation at our Baton Rouge offices will allow your dentist to get to the root of the problem and provide treatment. Protecting your teeth, gums and smile is part of our commitment to promoting excellence in oral health. We are a group of compassionate and caring dental professionals serving patients from Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is usually a symptom of an underlying dental health problem. Juban Cowen Dental Care can provide relief from jaw pain in Baton Rouge. If you wake up with jaw pain every morning, seek treatment at our offices. We provide a number of effective treatment options that will eliminate your jaw pain and correct other dental issues.

Effective treatment for jaw pain is only available from an experienced dentist. Juban Cowen Dental Care will establish the cause of your jaw pain and provide a lasting solution. It is important to address jaw pain, as there are typically other dental issues at play that can cause damage to otherwise healthy teeth.

Reach out to the offices of Juban Cowen Dental Care today if you are suffering from tooth or jaw pain. We have convenient appointments available at our Baton Rouge offices.

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