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As part of their ongoing mission to provide stress-free, comfortable dental care to adults and children in the Baton Rouge, LA area, Drs. Michael Juban and Cody Cowen recommend that all patients schedule semi-annual routine dental check-ups. These visits give our team an opportunity to prevent common oral health problems and intervene if issues arise.

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What to Expect at Dental Check-ups in Baton Rouge

Every dental check-up is customized to fit the patient’s specific needs. In most cases, diagnostic x-rays will be necessary to assess the health of the teeth roots and supporting jawbone. In addition, your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening and assess the health of your teeth, gums, and existing restorations.

Of course, thorough dental cleanings are the capstone to all dental check-ups and ensure teeth and gums are properly maintained. For those with heightened sensitivity to dental treatments, or who have dental anxiety, the office offers sedation dentistry choices.

Dental Check-Ups: An Important Aspect of Healthcare

Just as getting a yearly physical is important to keep the body healthy, biannual dental check-ups keep the mouth in tiptop shape. Without regular dental check-ups, Drs. Juban and Cowen would be unable to give their patients the outstanding results they deserve.

For instance, a common concern like gingivitis (early stage gum disease) can lead to periodontitis (mid- to late-stage gum disease.) However, when gingivitis is treated immediately, it is less likely to cause long-term damage.

When the teeth, gums, and jawbone are working at their highest levels, the rest of the system can function better, too. Dental check-ups make sense for all family members who want to be able to enjoy their smiles.

Discover the value of becoming a Juban Cowen Dental Care patient and enjoying routine dental check-ups. Contact the office in Baton Rouge, LA for an initial consultation. Dental insurance is not necessary to become a Juban Cowen Dental Care patient and self-referrals are welcome.

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