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A young woman covering her mouth with her hand due to bad breath.

Are you afraid to speak to people face-to-face because of halitosis? There are several possible causes of halitosis, some of which are not always obvious. To get to the bottom of the problem, seek a consultation with Juban Cowen Dental Care in Baton Rouge. Our compassionate team of dental professionals understands that this condition can dramatically impact your well-being. We can provide a general dentistry solution that will restore your confidence and your smile.

Possible causes of halitosis include tooth decay, gastroenterological problems, smoking or the foods that you eat. Our job is to establish the cause of your halitosis and provide effective treatment. If you are avoiding treatment because you feel embarrassed, the Juban Cowen Dental Care team will put your mind at ease. Do not suffer in silence if halitosis is making your life unbearable. Your friendly Baton Rouge dentist is here to support you.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Bad breath treatment is available in Baton Rouge from Juban Cowen Dental Care. We know that many of our patients experience bad breath but are reluctant to seek treatment. You are not alone, and there are effective treatments available. It is also important to establish the cause of your bad breath because you could have underlying health problems.

The best approach to bad breath is receiving treatment at our Baton Rouge offices. We use all the latest dentistry technologies. If bad breath is the result of a dental problem, our team can provide effective treatments to correct the problem. A comprehensive consultation is available to all patients. Do not allow bad breath to adversely impact your home, work or social life. Seek treatment today.

Contact Juban Cowen Dental Care for halitosis treatment in Baton Rouge. We offer convenient scheduling for busy patients who need emergency dentistry.

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