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Do you need treatment right away for a damaged tooth? Juban Cowen Dental Care offers emergency dentistry for patient convenience. We understand that your busy life may make it difficult to keep a scheduled appointment. Rather than make our patients wait for an appointment that conflicts with home or work life, we provide access to emergency dentistry that allows you to choose a date and time that suits your needs.

Although we are a busy dental practice in Baton Rouge, Juban Cowen Dental Care uses a scheduling system that facilitates emergency dentistry. Contact our team if you are suffering from dental pain or have a damaged tooth. We want to ensure that all our patients can benefit from effective dental treatment. A cracked, broken or chipped tooth is vulnerable to further damage if you do not seek early treatment. Do not risk your smile when we have appointments available for emergency tooth repair.

Urgent Dental Care

If you have an event or appointment to attend, a damaged tooth can impact your confidence. Urgent dental care in Baton Rouge is available to all Juban Cowen Dental Care patients. Don’t worry if you are a new patient. Our team will quickly get you registered so you can receive treatment to repair your tooth.

Is severe tooth pain making your life miserable? Juban Cowen Dental Care can provide relief and repair any damage to your teeth. Urgent dental care is an important part of preventive and restorative dentistry. We are committed to providing treatment options that reduce the cost of dental care for our patients. Do not allow a damaged tooth to deteriorate further. Our team can restore your smile in Baton Rouge with an emergency appointment.

Contact the offices of Juban Cowen Dental Care today if you need emergency dentistry in Baton Rouge.

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