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Most people will feel wisdom teeth erupting but will not experience any major pain or issues. However, wisdom teeth can erupt at an abnormal angle. This may result in the wisdom tooth pushing against the adjacent tooth or cutting into the gum. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort due to a wisdom tooth, seek treatment from Juban Cowen Dental Care. The tooth may need to be removed if it is damaging your other teeth or gums.

Wisdom teeth may decay and can contribute to recurring gum disease. A consultation with Juban Cowen Dental Care allows our team to assess your oral health and provide treatment options that may include wisdom teeth removal. Only an experienced dentist can effectively extract wisdom teeth. We also provide patient education to help you recover quickly after treatment. You can find relief by having a wisdom tooth that is causing pain and discomfort removed in Baton Rouge.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Dental pain can come on suddenly and increase in severity without treatment. If you are suffering from tooth pain or have a damaged tooth, extraction may be the most appropriate treatment option. Persistent tooth pain is a symptom of a potentially serious oral health issue. Preventive dental care can involve removing a tooth that cannot be saved. We also have restorative treatment options to replace a missing tooth.

Juban Cowen Dental Care is committed to scheduling that is convenient for patients. If you need a tooth extraction but can’t find the time for a dental appointment, we can provide a solution. Our scheduling system is designed to accommodate emergency dentistry at our Baton Rouge offices.

Contact Juban Cowen Dental Care today if you live in or around Baton Rouge and have a painful, damaged or loose tooth. We will offer a convenient appointment and provide the treatment you need.

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