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Many years ago, teeth that were damaged by decay or trauma were restored with metal or amalgam fillings. Now, children and adults can enjoy a more natural-looking option with white composite fillings. Composite fillings bond exceptionally well to teeth and offer proven results without the need for metal or amalgam fillings.

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Restoring Tooth Decay with Composite Fillings

Even with regular dental appointments and at-home oral hygiene, tooth decay can happen. When decay is detected early by dentists like Drs. Michael Juban and Cody Cowen, the tooth can be restored as conservatively as possible.

After completely removing all areas of decay, the tooth surface is thoroughly sanitized. Then, a composite resin material is used to fill in the area left behind. The result is a natural-looking smile and improved oral health.

Composite Fillings vs Amalgam Fillings

Dental patients may prefer composite fillings over silver amalgam fillings for a variety of reasons.

Foremost, metal fillings stand out, making any areas of tooth decay or trauma noticeable. Because composite fillings blend with the color of the surrounding teeth, they look completely natural.

Another concern is the fit of metal fillings. Composite fillings bond completely with the teeth, lessening the likelihood that they will come off or damage the tooth like metal fillings can.

Finally, some people are allergic to metal, making it impossible or uncomfortable for them to have metal or amalgam fillings in their mouths. Even if they do not have a metal allergy, they may not enjoy the feel or taste of metal.

Improving Aesthetics with Composite Fillings in Baton Rouge

Some individuals who already have amalgam fillings choose to replace them with composite restorations. If the metal fillings are uncomfortable or are causing stress on the teeth, they can be replaced by a general dentist. The result is an even smile and lowered risk of continued problems.

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