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Individuals missing multiple teeth often want to enhance their smiles and oral function by filling in any gaps. Both full dentures and partial dentures serve this purpose without requiring surgical procedures. In fact, they can be a preferred restorative dentistry option for those lacking adequate bone density to support dental implants.

Dr. Michael Juban and Dr. Cody Cowen offer patients in Baton Rouge, LA customized full and partial dentures as well as other general, cosmetic, and restorative services. Call at (225) 927-8663 Or Schedule Your Appointment Online.

Partial Dentures to Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

A partial denture is a personalized, removable dental appliance that fills in gaps left behind by multiple missing teeth. The denture snaps easily into place, allowing the wearer to confidently speak and eat without worry. Partial dentures are constructed of strong tooth-colored materials that blend in with any smile.

Individuals who are missing most of their natural teeth can benefit from partial dentures. When worn appropriately every day and monitored with regular dental check-ups, partial dentures can stop adjacent teeth from drifting and shifting, lessening the likelihood of future bite problems.

Full Dentures to Replace an Entire Dental Arch

The days of awkward looking, uncomfortable full dentures are over thanks to advancements in restorative dentistry techniques and materials. At Juban Cowen Dental Care, Drs. Juban and Cowen take special care to ensure all dentures are natural in appearance as well as comfortable to wear.

When necessary, a single tooth extraction or multiple extractions can be performed as part of the treatment plan. Once healing has occurred, the patient can be fitted for a final full-arch denture.

What to Expect during the Treatment Process

The process of getting full or partial dentures with Drs. Juban and Cowen involves several appointments. Each appointment helps map out the appropriate steps toward completion. To begin, impressions are taken of the gums and any remaining teeth. These are then sent to a dental lab, where a skilled technician will craft your new prosthesis. Once your dentures are complete, we will schedule you for a try-in appointment. During this visit, your doctor will assess the fit and color of your denture.

In some cases, patients may require several “try in” appointments to ensure the full or partial denture feels and looks normal. At the final visit, patients will have their dentures adjusted and placed. They will also receive at-home care instructions for optimal success.

Those interested in learning more about partial or full dentures in Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities are invited to get in touch with Juban Cowen Dental Care for an initial assessment.

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