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Although Drs. Juban and Cowen help patients keep their natural teeth with general dentistry whenever possible, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary. In these cases, the dental team at Juban Cowen Dental Care relies on leading edge procedures to safely remove patients’ teeth.

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When is Tooth Extraction the Best Option?

Sometimes, a tooth becomes too decayed, impacted, diseased, cracked, or damaged to save. At this point, extracting the tooth can reduce any further problems, not to mention lessen the pain associated with a tooth that can no longer function.

Drs. Juban and Cowen rely on their years of expertise to remove teeth as effectively as possible and with minimum patient discomfort. Their number one priority is to improve the overall health of the mouth by eliminating further damage.

Expectations During and After Tooth Extraction in Baton Rouge, LA

All tooth extractions at Juban Cowen Dental Care are performed under local anesthesia. Sedation dentistry options are also available for patients who require extra relaxation due to dental anxiety.

During the tooth extraction, the dentists will take every safety precaution to completely remove the tooth and facilitate healing. After the in-office surgical procedure, patients will be given specific instructions to take care of the site and avoid complications. Follow-up appointments may or may not be necessary.

Customized Tooth Extractions for Children and Adults

Every smile is unique, which is why tooth extractions are carefully planned for pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry patients. After all, no two cases are absolutely alike. Individualizing the experience sets the stage for quality, long-term results.

In most cases, we recommend replacing extracted teeth. Restorative dental procedures such as dental implants, dental bridges, and traditional dentures are usually indicated to restore oral function and appearance.

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