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With hundreds of online reviews from our Baton Rouge patients, Juban Cowen Dental Care has been serving the dental care needs of patients just like you for over 12 years. Our dental professionals provide the latest in dental technology, allowing you to have a more comfortable and convenient visit.


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At Juban Cowen Dental Care we take customer service to the next level. We provide honest recommendations, deliver outstanding dentistry, all while keeping your comfort a priority.

Dr. Cowen and Dr. Juban are happy to accept you as a new patient. Please make sure to call us at your earliest convenience so we can get you scheduled at the time which works best with your schedule. We’re located at 8564 Jefferson Hwy Suite A, Baton Rouge, LA. We’d love to accept your call! You can also schedule with us right here on our website!

What makes us different:

New Patient Special!

$100 Off First Full Appointment

*for new patients only

Locally Owned and Operated in Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Juban and Dr. Cowen both call Baton Rouge “home” for themselves and their families. Many of Juban Cowen’s dental patients have mentioned on Google and Yelp that they feel at home with the chairside manner of everyone on our team. Some of our patients will even travel over 50 miles from the outside of Baton Rouge to visit our office. You’ll notice our patient testimonials on this page to learn more about why Baton Rouge residents choose Juban Cowen Dental Care!

We understand that many people stay away from the dentist just because they have fear and anxiety about dental care services. However, we want you to realize that dentistry has advanced a long way in the past several years. We can now use sedation dentistry and new numbing techniques, which can make your visit the most comfortable you will ever have.

Baton Rouge Sedation Dentists, Dr. Juban and Dr. Cowen can help eliminate anxiety and discomfort with the latest in sedation dentistry. If you’d like to learn more about sedation dentistry, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Juban and Dr. Cowen.


Kleer Dental Membership

Don’t have insurance? No problem! We have you covered with a dental plan that’s better than most insurance plans. Join the Juban Cowen Dental Care Membership Plan today and save!

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Juban Cowen Dental Care is a comprehensive dental practice that provides preventative, general, restorative and cosmetic dental care and serves the residents of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

How To Choose A Dentist In Baton Rouge, La

Here are the top 3 things you need to know when choosing a dentist in Baton Rouge

First Thing


If you have concerns or questions, we will listen and address each one of them. Feel free to communicate with us.

Second Thing


We do accept dental insurance in our office. Be sure and read the page on our site here about insurance and call if you have questions.

Third Thing


We offer sedation dentistry for those who have dental anxiety to make you relaxed and feel virtually no pain.

When We Can Help … We Do. Watch This Inspirational Video.

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See Why Thousands Have Chosen Juban Cowen Dental Care For Their Dental Needs

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