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Alternatives to Dental Floss Baton Rouge, LA

So if you are like many American’s you are probably not a big fan of dental floss. It’s understandable, dental floss can be tricky to use. People get discouraged wrapping floss around their finger tips and trying to fit what seems like their whole fist in their mouth to reach their rear molars. Good news for smiles everywhere is there are a number of dental floss alternative available to make flossing easier.

Floss Picks are small disposable flossing tools that remove plaque in between teeth as effectively as sting floss. Floss picks are made of flexible rubber bristles (like a little round brush) that are gentle and the gums. Floss picks are great for dental implants and orthodontic braces.

A dental go between cleaner are good to use for interproximal cleaning, dental restorations, orthodontic braces and for people who have difficulty flossing. Most go-between cleaners are offered in different sizes.

Flossers are small pieces of floss tightly strung across a little pick. These helpful tools can be used quickly and easily all around your mouth and even have a pointed end that acts as a tooth pick. Of course there have been vast improvements in dental floss and now floss comes in several varieties including floss tape, waxed, un waxed, flavored, floss that expands during use and floss that’s designed to work even in the tightest of spaces. The makers of dental floss have even created a specially woven dental floss that works on plaque below the gum line. If you are not a fan of flossing, perhaps you can try one of these alternatives to dental floss for a boost in your oral health care regimen. If nothing else, grab a tooth pick, your teeth and gums will thank you!

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