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Have ever been taken aback by someone’s bad breath? Bad breath is inevitable from time to time, especially if you like to eat flavorful foods with spices, garlic or onions. Bad breath from eating is an easily correctable condition. Occasional bad breath is something we all experience, but did you know that chronic bad breath is usually an indicator that you have something awry with your dental health? If you suffer from bad breath, you may have more serious issues going on in your mouth. Halitosis or chronic bad breath is the third most common reason people seek the help of a dentist.

Bacterium is the main culprit and cause of bad breath. Good oral hygiene with daily brushing and flossing is a good way to help prevent a buildup of bacteria. Brushing at least twice daily is recommended by many dental professionals. A lack of flossing is often a common cause of bad breath in many individuals. Food and debris gets caught between teeth and in most cases, this left behind food isn’t always removed with traditional brushing. Decaying food attracts bacteria, causing plague build up, tooth decay and odor. Flossing is a vital step in maintaining healthy gums and teeth and helps to eliminate unpleasant odor. People often times forget to floss, in turn, neglecting their teeth and gums at the detriment of their oral health.

Regular dental visits that include comprehensive dental cleanings are another way to prevent bad breath. When plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, only a skilled hygienist is equipped to remove these problematic symptoms of tooth decay and bad breath. Tartar becomes hard like cement, usually at the gum line and tight spaces between teeth. When this happens, you must rely on professional cleaning to remove the tartar.

If you have dry mouth where your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva, bacteria can build up quickly in your mouth. Dry mouth is a common cause of bad breath. Certain medications including antihistamines and cold and sinus medications cause dry mouth. If you feel like your bad breath is a side effect of dry mouth, speak to your dentist about ways to help correct this issue. Chronic bad breath can also be a result of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth. If periodontal disease is the cause of your bad breath, seek treatment from your dentist immediately. Dental professionals like Dr. Juban can help with bad breath, dry mouth and treatments for periodontal disease.

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