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Common Causes of Teeth Grinding Baton Rouge, LA

Do you grind your teeth? Has a loved one or spouse complained that you keep them up at night from the sound of grinding your teeth together? If you struggle with grinding your teeth it’s important to figure out why you are grinding and if the grinding is becoming problematic.

The most common cause of teeth grinding (medically referred to as bruxism) is stress. Stress or anxiety causes people to grind or clench their teeth at night while sleeping. Many times you may not even know you have a grinding problem, until you develop a harmful side effect from consistent grinding.

Having an abnormal bite can be the reason you may be grinding your teeth. Missing teeth and crooked teeth are also often linked to teeth grinding. No matter the reason you are grinding your teeth, it is important for your oral or general health to correct the problem.

If you grind your teeth, talk to your dentist right away. Severe teeth grinders can experience a myriad of health complications including persistently dull headaches, sore jaws or hearing loss. Jaw problems like TMJ can be the result of excessive grinding. A thorough dental exam by your dentist will help determine if your grinding is causing oral health problems. Grinders suffer from worn down, cracked and fractured teeth. Teeth grinding can cause loosening of your teeth, even tooth loss. Sever grinders unnecessarily burden and stress their teeth and jaw structure. Grinding your teeth may result in the needs for a root canal, bridge, crown, dental implant, partial, even a complete set of dentures. Help prevent oral health problems by discovering the root of your teeth grinding problem with help from a qualified dentist.

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