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Correct That Chip With Dental Bonding Baton Rouge, LA
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One of the most devastating things that can occur to your appearance is to damage your smile. For those who have gone through orthodontic treatment, a damaged tooth can be especially heartbreaking because of the time and money you spent perfecting your smile. For parents of children, they are also protective of their children’s smiles because they understand the importance of a healthy, full set of teeth.

A chipped tooth is a very common injury to occur to the mouth in people of all ages. Falling, being hit in the mouth, and injuries in sports can all pose a threat to the teeth. If you or your loved one has suffered a chipped tooth, don’t panic! There is a simple procedure that can be done to fix the issue and restore the smile.

Dental bonding is a simple dental procedure that is used to correct a variety of issues:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • A “small” tooth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Protect against gum recession
  • Fill in cavities

When a tooth needs to be cosmetically repaired, the dental bonding process is very straightforward. Requiring no anesthesia (unless a cavity needs to be filled), an etching liquid is painted on the tooth. This solution roughens up the smooth enamel and helps the bonding material cling to the tooth. The dentist will create a composite resin material that will be color-matched to the natural teeth. Once the material is ready, it will be formed and shaped into its desired position. A special curing light will then be used to harden the material so that it bonds with the tooth enamel. The last thing to be done is the dentist will polish the resin material so that it matches the rest of the smile.

At Juban Cowen Dental Care, we offer dental bonding to patients who need a simple cosmetic fix. Dental bonding lasts for years, and it is an inexpensive way to restore the appearance of your smile. If you or someone in your family has a chipped tooth or any other issue, contact our practice today for exceptional care.

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