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Make Sure Your Drink Choices Don’t Ruin Your Smile Baton Rouge, LA
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Any trip to the grocery store or quick run into a gas station will present you with over 100 options if you want something to drink. While we all know that water is essential to life and the healthiest choice, many people opt for a tastier alternative to quench their thirst. While it is understandable that you may crave a delicious soda, juice, or sports drink, it is essential to understand how what you choose to drink has a direct impact on your smile.

The fact of the matter is that sugar is the number one enemy of your teeth. Oral bacteria are present by the millions in your mouth every day, and they are most attracted to sugar particles. After you eat, oral bacteria go to work to break down particles that are left behind on and between your teeth and along the gum line. These bacteria can help rid the mouth of tiny food particles so that they will not rot inside your mouth. However, oral bacteria are most attracted to particles of sugar, and they will congregate in massive quantities when sugar is present in the mouth. As these bacteria work to break down sugar, they produce high amounts of damaging acids. It is these acids that cause cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Making wise choices when it comes to what you drink is important. Soft drinks, sports drinks, and juice are all laden with sugar. If you are constantly coating your teeth with these beverages, then your mouth is continually under assault from acid-producing bacteria inside your mouth. Water is the best option. Not only does water hydrate the body and flush your organs, but it also helps to cleanse the mouth. If you find that you simply cannot stand to drink water with pizza, wings, or when you are enjoying your favorite meal, it is essential to clean your mouth soon afterward. Brushing and rinsing away sugary deposits after indulging in a sugar-laden beverage will help protect your teeth from damage.

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