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Root Canal Therapy Baton Rouge, LA

There has been much advancement in dentistry over the past decades, but perhaps no other procedure has saved more teeth than root canal therapy. Years ago when a tooth was infected it was almost always extracted from the mouth. These days, dentists understand that extraction of a tooth is pretty much a last resort because a missing tooth can cause further problems. At Juban Dental we are proud to offer painless root canal therapy for patients who have an infected or decaying tooth. We are a comprehensive family dental practice that strives to help our patients achieve and maintain beautiful, long-lasting smiles.

Root canal therapy is needed when there is an injury to a tooth’s root or when an infection is present inside the tooth’s root. During the procedure, an opening is made through the crown o the tooth to the pulp chamber so that the infection can be reached. Special dental tools are used to clean the infection and remove unhealthy pulp from the canals. Once the infection has been fully removed, the canals are filled with a medicated material to keep the tooth free from future infection. While this sounds like a complicated procedure, Dr. Juban makes sure that his patients feel no discomfort during root canal therapy. A root canal can completely eliminate any pain associated with a toothache, and it should not be put off as the infection can spread quickly to surrounding teeth.

If you are looking for a dentist to trust for root canal therapy in Baton Rouge, please call Juban Dental today. Our practice is currently accepting new patients, and we would be proud to be the place you turn to for all of your dental needs. Any time your tooth hurts, you need to visit a dentist – let Dr. Juban be the one you trust.

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