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Your smile is your official greeting to each person you meet. Your smile can leave a lasting impression, good or bad! If time and or bad habits have taken their toll on your smile, perhaps it’s time to ask your dentist about professional teeth whitening.

There are a number of things that can turn that once white, bright smile into a dull, lackluster grin. The darkening of teeth is a natural side effect of aging. Drinks like coffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks/sports drinks can stain teeth over time. Smoking and chewing tobacco are proven to have stain causing side effects on teeth and can be problematic to your oral health. Certain medications have been proven to discolor or stain teeth. With so many things that can adversely affect the brightness and whiteness of your teeth and smile, it’s no wonder that professional teeth whitening is such a popular form of cosmetic dentistry.

Two proven forms of professional teeth whitening include Zoom Whitening, an in-office fast approach to whitening and Opalescence; take home teeth whitening, for a more gradual approach to whitening your smile. Zoom Whitening is the #1 patient recommended teeth whitening system in the country. This safe and effective process can whiten teeth up to eight times lighter than their current condition. This customizable dentist applied method has variable settings that can be suited to meet your needs and whiten your teeth in just one dental visit.

Opalescence, take home tooth whitening was created for all different lifestyles and budgets. This prescription strength product is only available through a dentist. This safe and effective teeth whitening product comes with a customized, fitted tray so you can whiten at home while you work, rest or sleep. Ask your dentist if your smile can be brightened by professional teeth whitening, so you can feel certain that you are leaving a positive first impression!

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