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The Cause of Morning Breath Baton Rouge, LA

Do you wake up in the morning trying to avoid your spouse because of stinky morning breath? If you cover your mouth and run for the bathroom rather than rolling over with a hello and a smile, you’re not alone, there is a reason for your morning breath. Dry mouth is commonly the cause for morning breath, unlike general bad breath that can be caused from poor oral hygiene habits, diet and illness or disease. Therefore, it important to see your dentist regularly for dental cleanings.

The production of saliva slows down while you’re sleeping so you don’t have to constantly swallow, allowing for better sleep. Less saliva means a dryer mouth. The saliva in your mouth is the main source of cleaning as it aids in washing away food particles and bacteria, it also makes your mouth less acidic. At night while you are sleeping your mouth houses a party for bacteria, as they thrive while your mouth dries out from less saliva production. The increased bacteria activity produces a large amount of stinky sulfur gas, which masks itself as foul smelling morning breath.

It’s almost impossible to avoid morning breath all together, but here are a few tips and tricks to cut down on the pungency. Brushing your teeth and tongue before bedtime is a good way to help prevent morning breath and a vital step in maintain proper oral hygiene. Brushing well will cut down on the amount of debris and bacteria that start off in your mouth at night. Drinking water before bed and as you wake up helps combat morning breath by helping to replenish dry mouth and wash away the bacteria party. Having clear sinuses is another way to help. If you can breathe through your nose at night, you can maintain saliva longer and your mouth will not dry out so quickly.

It’s important to realize that chronic bad breath, not just morning breath, may be a sign that there may be more serious health issues at hand. Be sure to alert your doctor if morning breath seems to last all throughout the day.

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