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The Not So Obvious Signs of Cavities Baton Rouge, LA

Many people don’t realize they even have a cavity until they go to the dentist and see it for themselves on a dental x-ray. If you have gotten to the point where you actually feel a cavity, it is probably pretty big and troublesome. There are however some unknown indicators that you may be developing harmful dental decay. If you notice any of the following developing conditions, be sure to contact your dentist right away.

Chalky or opaque spots: When a tooth begins to decay, the vital minerals in your tooth’s enamel begin to diminish. When calcium is reduced or removed from the outside of your tooth, a chalky spot may develop.
Stuck food: Have you noticed that food is getting stuck between your teeth more easily? If this is a new development, you may need to have the area between the two teeth checked by your dentist. Dental decay creates holes in the tooth enamel, making food traps more pronounced. If you notice floss getting frayed easily between the teeth, this is a sign of dental decay.
Pain while chewing: This symptom may seem obvious, however, not everyone realized tooth pain can be directly linked to a cavity. When you experience pain while chewing, this is an indicator that dental decay has reached the pulp or nerve area of the tooth.
Tooth sensitivity: Some people have sensitive teeth. If you begin to experience extreme sensitivities especially to cold, that means the tooth is still alive and is being attacked by decay. If you have problems with heat, this is an indicator that your tooth is dead or dying, which could lead to a root canal.
Chip of the old block: Dental decay can cause teeth to chip and break off. Tooth fracture and chipping is a sign that dental decay has reached the dentin of the tooth.
Foul breath: If you are experiencing bad breath, most likely this is because of food stuck between your teeth because of decay.
Dark teeth: If you notice your teeth darkening, you may need more than a whitening treatment. Dark teeth are often a result of dental decay reaching the pulp of the tooth.
Gaps between the teeth: If you begin to notice a new gap between two teeth, please contact your dentist. Sometimes large cavities in the back teeth can cause your teeth to shift, making new gaps. Anytime you notice a change in the alignment of your teeth, it is important to contact your dentist.

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