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Tooth Colored Fillings Baton Rouge, LA

At Juban Cowen Dental Care, we understand that the appearance of your smile is almost as important to our patients as the health of their smile. That is why we offer tooth colored dental fillings to the residents of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. As a comprehensive family dental practice, we treat children, adults, and seniors with excellent care and a gentle touch in a relaxing environment. Ultimately, the best filling is no filling. However, tooth decay can occur in even the most avid tooth brusher. Instead of settling for silver amalgam fillings that can cause you to feel self-conscious, tooth colored fillings can be used to discretely repair a tooth affected by decay, cracks, or fractures.

Composite fillings, or tooth colored fillings, have been on the rise because of the ability to closely match the color of a person’s existing teeth. Silver fillings are easily noticeable in the mouth as dark specks when a person laughs or speaks. As more and more people go after the “Hollywood smile,” tooth colored fillings are requested in almost all dental practices. These white fillings are made up of plastic and glass, and they bond to the decayed tooth just like a typical metal filling to support the remaining healthy tooth structure. As advancements in tooth colored fillings continue to improve, dental insurance companies have also improved their coverage of the cost of these fillings. Composite fillings are very durable, and they will last many years for patients, giving them a beautiful, healthy smile.

If you are in the Baton Rouge area and are looking for the highest quality in tooth colored fillings, call Juban Cowen Dental Care to schedule an appointment. We are currently accepting new patients, and we would be proud to serve as your comprehensive dental provider. Tooth colored fillings are a beautiful way to restore the health of your teeth, and at Juban Cowen Dental Care we offer excellence in tooth restoration to all of our patients.

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