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Treating Gingivitis Baton Rouge, LA

If you suffer from swollen, soft, irritated gums or your gums are more tender than usual you may have the beginning stages of gingivitis. Recent studies show that roughly 90 percent of adults in the U.S. have some form of gingivitis, the beginning stage of gum disease. Other signs or symptoms of gingivitis include gums that bleed easily, a receding gum line and changes in gum color from a healthy pink to dusky red.

If detected early and treated properly beginning stages of gingivitis can be 100% reversible. Gingivitis can be prevented with daily brushing and flossing alongside regular professional dental cleanings. The truth remains that it is important to treat gingivitis effectively so it does not develop and become more problematic than troublesome gums. Untreated gingivitis can turn into advanced gum disease or periodontitis, which is the number one cause of tooth loss among the adult population.

When you develop gingivitis, the inflammation of your gum tissue is caused by the bacterium in plaque. Plaque bacteria release toxins that cause gum irritation. If plaque is not properly removed from your teeth and gum line, it will turn into tarter. Tarter can only be removed by professional dental cleanings. In the early stages of gingivitis, your dentist can help you develop a plan to eradicate the problems causing gingivitis. A knowledgeable general dentist like Dr. Juban will ensure that your professional teeth cleanings are thorough and effective. An aggressive oral hygiene regimen may be prescribed which could include meticulous brushing, daily flossing, antimicrobial tooth pastes and mouth washes. Your dentist may even speak to you about eating a healthy diet to help control gingivitis.

If you are concerned about your oral health and avoiding gingivitis, speak to your dentist regarding a proactive plan to avoid this common oral problem before it starts.

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