White Fillings For A Natural Looking Restoration

Most people want to take good care of their smiles, and some people are obsessed with their oral health. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, if you find out that you have a cavity, it is imperative that you have it restored. For many years, the only option for filling a cavity was with a silver metal material known as amalgam. This material contains mercury, which some people have developed adverse reactions to the longer it is inside their body. About two decades ago, composite fillings were designed to replace amalgam fillings. Over the last few years, composite fillings, commonly referred to as white fillings, have become the ideal solution for restoring teeth.

White fillings offer a natural looking restoration. White fillings can be color-matched to your natural teeth so that no one will ever suspect that you have a filling. This is especially important for those who feel embarrassed or self-conscious about having a silver filling inside their mouths. Silver fillings are quite noticeable when the mouth is open during talking, laughing, yawning, and even smiling with an open mouth. No one has to worry about that with white fillings, making them the highest standard in cavity restoration.

White fillings are also incredibly durable. They are applied in much of the same way that amalgam fillings are. The cavity is cleaned out and filled. Yet, white composite fillings actually add strength back to the teeth. White fillings can restore up to 90% of a tooth’s strength, making these filling incredibly durable. With good oral health, white fillings can last for a lifetime.

If you need a cavity filled, or if you are interested in replacing amalgam fillings with composite white fillings, please contact Juban Cowen Dental Care today. Our comprehensive dental practice looks forward to serving you with exceptional care.

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