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Why Fluoride Treatments are Beneficial for Children and Adults Baton Rouge, LA
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Fluoride is used to protect teeth from decay. It is a common mineral — the 13th most abundant element — found in soil, rocks and water.

Natural groundwater contains fluoride in varying concentrations, explaining why some areas have none in their drinking water while others have too much. Furthermore, it is found in various foods and is occasionally added to municipal water systems.

Fluoride for All Ages

Despite its prevalence, many children and adults do not get enough fluoride exposure to experience its benefits. Professional fluoride treatments are the solution. The fluoride may come in gel, foam or rinse solution form, but all three modes strengthen tooth enamel and attack problem-causing bacteria.

Yet, while fluoride treatments are a standard procedure in child dentistry, most adults do not get one during their dental visits. This is ill-advised because those who get fluoride treatments regularly benefit significantly. But why?

Fluoride Strengthens Enamel, Thus Preventing Cavities

When demineralization exceeds remineralization, cavities form. Demineralization is the process of oral bacteria eating carbohydrates and producing acid that weakens the enamel’s surface, softening it and making it prone to decay. Remineralization occurs by the naturally occurring minerals in our saliva (phosphate and calcium), which harden enamel. Fluoride boosts the remineralization process, thus preventing cavities from occurring.

Fluoride can even reverse early cavities (incipient lesions). Therefore, fluoride treatments prevent cavities from progressing to a stage that demands dental work.

Fluoride Treatments are Ideal for Anyone with a High Risk for Cavities

Everyone is susceptible to cavities, not just children. Fortunately, professional fluoride treatments improve the remineralization process on any tooth surface, regardless of age.
Those at high risk for cavities, like patients over 50 and those with special needs, should consider regular fluoride treatments.

Long-Term Advantages of Professional Fluoride Treatments

A dentist’s fluoride application may be quick, but the long-term benefits are enormous. Within months, a patient’s oral health should improve. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fewer cavities
  • Stronger enamel to prevent cavities
  • Better-looking, easier-to-clean teeth
  • Faster tooth cleanings and checkups due to less plaque and tartar
  • Reduced risk of tooth loss

Fluoride treatment helps your body battle cavities naturally, and it is cost-effective—it is far cheaper than fixing dental problems. Preventing tooth decay reduces your lifelong dental care costs.

Fluoride Treatments for Patients of All Ages in Louisiana

Fluoride treatments could be an excellent option if you are worried about developing cavities or want to have healthy and beautiful teeth for as long as possible. Drs. Juban and Cowen encourage everyone who needs fluoride treatments to visit their practice. Contact our office today.

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