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Are You Considering an Electronic Toothbrush? Baton Rouge, LA
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With the overwhelming variety of both manual and electronic toothbrushes, it can be challenging to find the right toothbrushes for your family. Getting the right toothbrush is important in maintaining your best oral health. This can be accomplished with either a manual or electronic toothbrush, although there are some great advantages with the latter.

Studies have been conducted to determine if there is a difference between manual and electronic toothbrushes. The findings reveal that with proper use, the electric toothbrush can clean away as much as 21% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush for the average dental patient. Although, studies have also shown that using a manual toothbrush can be just as effective if it is used correctly and the teeth are brushed for the recommended two-minute period.

Advantages of the Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes come in various styles. Some have heads that vibrate while others have heads that rotate. The rotating heads have been shown to have the best effect on plaque removal. All electric brushes have the advantage of brushing your teeth for you. All you need to do is hold the head against the teeth and the brushing action does the rest.

Electric brushes have also been shown to be gentle on the gums. Some models provide pressure sensors to ensure that you are not applying too much pressure and thereby damaging your gums. Electric toothbrushes help stimulate the gums as they clean along the gumline. This helps promote gum health.

Another advantage of electric toothbrushes is that some have timers. These types of toothbrushes can be set to ensure that you are brushing your teeth for the correct amount of time to get your teeth clean. Timers are very good for children, since they have a tendency to stop brushing before they get all their teeth cleaned. Some models of electric toothbrushes also have specialized cleaning modes and guided brushing. This helps personalize your toothbrushing and is ideal for those who have sensitive teeth.

Electric Toothbrushes for Children

There are electric toothbrushes for children that help them achieve their goals for keeping their teeth clean. Kids often miss certain areas and some of the newer electronic toothbrushes have tracking technology that provides guidance so your child brushes every area. High-end electric toothbrushes for children also have a way to track their brushing progress. This helps kids improve their brushing technique.

The only downside to the electric toothbrush is the cost. Some models can be quite expensive, but when you consider all they can do to help keep the teeth in your family clean and healthy, it can be well worth the price.  At Juban Cowen Dental, our goal is to help each member of your family maintain their best smile. Contact us today to fulfill all your family members’ dental requirements. 

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