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Juban Cowen Dental Care Provides Membership Dental Plans

Don’t have insurance? No problem!

Juban Cowen Dental Care has you covered with a dental plan that’s better than some insurance. We will provide you with access to affordable coverage that’s simple, transparent and easy to use. Join the Juban Cowen Dental Care Membership Plan today and save!

What is the Juban Cowen Dental Care Membership Plan?

Our dental membership plan is just like every membership. Think Amazon Prime or the Gym. You pay monthly or annually directly to your dentist, and in return receive preventative care and discounts off other treatment.


With the membership plan, you have access to:

  • A direct relationship with your dentist that removes third-party hassles and costs and makes it easier for your dentist to provide the care you need
  • A care plan personalized for your oral care needs
  • An affordable care plan with simple and transparent terms that you can trust
  • Pricing, discounts and benefits that enable you to get the comprehensive care you need

How The Membership Plan Works

Join Today

Click the “SIGN UP NOW” button and you will be taken to the membership website. Click the “Join Today” button on the membership website, choose your membership plan, and choose if you want to pay monthly or annually. Not sure which plan you need? Call our office, and our staff will be happy to help!


It’s That Easy!

Once you complete your online registration, you will be enrolled in the Juban Cowen Dental Care Membership Plan. You can start saving immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do my benefits start?

Benefits begin immediately the day you sign up!

Can you pay it month to month? 

Yes, the first 3 months will be collected up front and monthly payments will begin on the 4th month.

When does my monthly payment come out?

Monthly payments will be automatically deducted on the same day of the month as your enrollment date. These dates will be available in the Upcoming Payments section of you patient portal.

Can you cancel the membership? 

Only after a year contract. If you decide it is not for you, then you can opt out prior to your renewal. 

Can I cancel in 30 days? 

If you have not used any benefits in the membership plan you may cancel and be refunded for the plan, please contact the office for help or for cancellation questions.  

How do I choose between the adult complete and adult perio plan?

The adult complete plan is for patients above the age of 14 with no signs of gum disease. The adult perio plan is for patients above the age of 14 who have signs of gum disease or have not had regular routine cleanings for some time. If you are not sure which plan to enroll with, you may complete the registration at the office after diagnosis from your doctor.

If I do not want the adult perio plan and I have gum disease, can I get the adult complete plan?

No. We take time to evaluate and determine the best plan for each of our patients.  This recommendation is based on the diagnosis that we would treat you for.

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