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Advantages of Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces Baton Rouge, LA

When you make the important decision regarding cosmetic dentistry to do something about your smile, it’s a good idea to weigh all of your options. There are advantages to choosing Invisalign over traditional braces that you may not be aware of. Your lifestyle is a factor to consider along with your appearance. With the end result of traditional braces and Invisalign being the same, why not consider this non traditional approach to straighter teeth.

Like traditional braces, Invisalign will effectively treat a variety of orthodontic problems including crowding, overbites, spacing, crossbite and underbite. Invisalign will deliver perfectly straight teeth and correct bite problems for roughly the same cost as traditional braces (around $5,000). So if Invisalign and traditional braces do the same thing, you may be wondering what are the advantages Invisalign?

Your lifestyle doesn’t have to change when you wear Invisalign.  You do not have to modify your diet and watch what you eat.  Since you simply slip off your clear plastic trays while eating, you can eat the same foods you’ve always enjoyed.  Unlike unsightly traditional braces, the virtually clear plastic trays are almost impossible to see, especially from any distance.

With Invisalign you are able to remove your trays to brush and floss your teeth, making oral hygiene much easier than with traditional braces. There are no sharp metal brackets or wires to cause irritation or oral problems. Smooth comfortable invisible plastic trays are non invasive and easy to wear.

If you are involved in contact sports or athletic activities, you don’t need to be scared of the problematic issues that are common with metal braces (braces cutting lips, cheeks, tongue). Invisalign can treat both adult orthodontic and teen orthodontic issues with brilliant results.

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