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Can a Root Canal Save My Tooth? Baton Rouge, LA

A root canal is a proven endodontic procedure to save a natural tooth. Let’s face it; needing a root canal is not pleasant. The pain associated with a root canal has been called excruciating to say the least. The intolerable pain of needing a root canal has nothing to do with this helpful restorative procedure. People experience pain when they need a root canal; however, once they have the procedure there is little pain as a result from a root canal. If you have ever needed a root canal, then you can probably attest that the actual procedure is a welcomed relief as it usually eliminates the unbearable pain of needing a root canal.

In a perfect world, our bodies are designed with teeth that are meant to last a lifetime. Of course, life happens which leads to a whole host of reasons that people end up with injured or infected teeth in need of a root canal. In the early days of dentistry, many dentists believed it was okay to extract or pull a problematic tooth, rather than attempt to save the tooth by performing a root canal. On the contrary, there are a handful of problems associated with missing teeth. A missing tooth can cause shifting teeth, jaw bone loss and oral hygiene problems. When at all possible, most experienced dentists will recommend a root canal to save your natural tooth, rather than pulling it.

Diseased and infected teeth are not the only reason you may need a root canal, injured teeth need them too. Healthy teeth contain pulp and inside the soft tissue pulp are blood vessels and nerves. When tooth pulp is compromised, the tooth will die. Tooth pulp can be jeopardized when a tooth gets cracked, if there are issues with a tooth that houses a large filling, or if a person experiences a traumatic tooth injury. Bacteria can kill off the healthy tooth pulp which will cause swelling and pain in the tissue around the tooth. This can lead to jaw bone damage and more. If you begin to experience severe tooth pain, are involved in a serious accident that causes trauma to your mouth or you notice a pimple like obtrusion (abscess) on your gum, call Dr. Juban right away.

Today there are a multitude of endodontic and dental advances available which makes the actual root canal process virtually painless. Having a root canal is usually a welcomed relief for dental patients suffering with pain from a diseased, infected or injured tooth. Dr. Juban is highly experienced in performing necessary root canals for his patients. Root canals are an effective means of preserving and saving your natural teeth. For more information about root canals, call Juban Cowen Dental Care.

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