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Signs of Needing a Root Canal Baton Rouge, LA

Are you experiencing intolerable tooth pain? Some of the worst oral discomfort comes from needing a root canal. Anyone who’s experienced the pain of needing a root canal realizes it is no laughing matter! The problem with root canals is that they can be tricky. Sometimes pain comes on quickly. Severe pain can keep you awake at night or make it difficult to speak or chew. Excruciating tooth pain can be debilitating at times. Other times, a tooth that needs a root canal may only be slightly irritated. A tooth abscess can start out as a tiny pimple like lesion on your gum line near your tooth. An abscessed tooth almost always leads to a root canal.

The interior of your teeth is filled with soft tissue pulp. This pulp is vital to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth alive are found in your tooth pulp. If your tooth pulp gets infected, you will need a root canal. You may be wondering how your tooth pulp get infected in the first place? Problems can start more easily in teeth with large fillings. Trauma to your teeth and mouth can damage pulp. Any dental issues that allow bacteria to enter the pulp chamber will cause infection. Infections cause swelling and pain to your teeth, tissue and pulp. When an infection or a tooth injury harms the tooth pulp, the pulp will die and your will need a root canal. A root canal can save your natural tooth and will instantly relieve your pain!

An experienced dentist may do your root canal or refer you to an endodontist. With modern dental technology and advanced procedures, experienced dental professionals can perform virtually painless root canal procedures. You can feel confident that saving your natural tooth with a root canal is a better option than having the painful tooth pulled.

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