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Digital Dental X-Rays Baton Rouge, LA

Has your dental practice made the switch from conventional film x-rays to digital dental x-rays? More and more dental practices are realizing the many advantages of digital dental x-rays. Coming with a hefty price tag, digital dental x-ray machines cost roughly 3 to 5 times more than conventional film x-ray machines. Despite the upfront cost, more and more dentists simply love the convenience that digital x-rays offer.

Digital dental x-rays benefit patients and dental professionals by reducing exposure to radiation by nearly 80 percent. It is noteworthy to realize that the advances in both digital and film x-rays makes a personal’s actual exposure to radiation so minimal that the 80% reduction seems much greater than it actually is. The real draw towards digital dental x-rays is simply the ease of use, accuracy of pictures, ease of storage and the ability to share files.

Dental practices do not need to stock a supply of x-ray film or processing chemicals with a switch to digital x-rays. Digital dental x-rays are easy to use and the ability to take clear, precise pictures can be mastered with limited training. Digital dental x-rays produce virtually instantaneous images that are conveniently stored in a patient’s computerized file. The ability for dentists to use color contrast with digital dental x-ray images is not possible with conventional film x-rays. Helping many dental practices streamline their patient files, digital dental x-rays are easy to read, simple to share can be securely stored by the click of a mouse.

Juban Cowen Dental Care has realized the many advantages of incorporating the use of digital dental x-rays into our practice. Our commitment to serve our patients with the leading dental technology is something we strive to accomplish with every change and advancement we make.

There is no getting around the importance of x-rays as they pertain to your dental health. Up to date digital dental x-rays or traditional film x-rays, coupled with a comprehensive visual oral exam is vitally important to effectively diagnose and treat matters pertaining to your oral health.

Posted on the behalf of Juban Cowen Dental Care


Posted on behalf of Juban Cowen Dental Care

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