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Sipping From a Straw Has Some Hidden Benefits Baton Rouge, LA

Do you like to drink beverages through a straw? Do you prefer using a straw over not using one at all? All the straw users out there have reason to smile because using a straw can actually be good for your teeth and health. Here are a few noteworthy advantages of sipping from a straw.

Drinking with a straw can help prevent your teeth from staining, especially if you like to consume dark colored drinks like fruit juices, dark colas, teas and coffee. Using a straw helps eliminate direct contact with these staining drinks, especially on your front teeth, which are most noticeable when you smile. When you use a straw you can actually chose to direct staining liquids away from your teeth, helping to reduce the amount of sugary, staining bacteria from adhering directly to your front teeth.

If you decide to use a straw while out in public, you will protect your mouth and teeth from unwanted germs commonly found on the exterior of glassware. Glassware is handled by multiple people in restaurants and can harbor harmful germs and bacteria. Sipping from a straw is often easier than tipping your head and drinking from a cup when you are out and about or on the go. If you are drinking a beverage while driving, you can keep your eyes on the road if you sip from a straw.

It is easier to control the amount of liquid you are consuming when sipping on a straw, helping to avoid choking or gulping large amounts of your drink. Slowly sipping on drinks through a straw is a good way to help pace drinking by children (or adults) who tend to get full on beverages prior to eating their meals. Sipping on a straw can also help prevent burning or scalding your mouth when drinking hot beverages. Next time you have a big thirst, you may want to think about popping a straw in your drink, your smile will thank you!

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