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Whiter Teeth In An Hour Baton Rouge, LA

Do you have an important event coming up where it will be important to look and feel your best? Have you carefully planned your outfit, your presentation or the schedule of events for your big day? If you have noticed that your once bright white smile is no longer as brilliant as it used to be, ask yourself, “Can I spare an hour out of my busy schedule to remedy that problem?” To quickly address a lack luster smile, seek out a dental professional that offers Phillips Zoom in-office teeth whitening.

Zoom Whitening is a professionally administered, results oriented approach to instant and reliable teeth whitening. The #1 patient recommended teeth whitening system, Zoom is a safe and effective bleaching process. Zoom has been proven to effectively whiten teeth up to eight times lighter than their current condition. If you want your teeth and smile to make a lasting first impression at your big event, trust Dr. Juban to help. Dr. Juban will administer Zoom Whitening in his office and customize the settings to meet your individual needs. The best part of Zoom Whitening is that you can achieve your desired results in just one dental visit, in about an hour. The Zoom whitening system contains Relief ACP, which protects your tooth’s enamel and gives your teeth a glowing, brilliant luster. When preparing for your important event includes whitening your smile, trust Zoom Whitening for instant, noticeable results.

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