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Why is Emergency Dentistry Important? Baton Rouge, LA

Why is Emergency Dentistry Important?

A woman suffering from dental pain

Your teeth and smile play important roles in almost all aspects of life. The functional elements of teeth include speaking, eating and drinking. Your attractiveness to others also often hinges on having a beautiful smile. For younger people, oral health is even more important. Baby teeth will eventually give way to adult teeth. That doesn’t… Continue reading

Teeth Fractures Come in All Sizes and Shapes

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When you damage a tooth, you may not notice the impact until pain or infection develops. There are several types of fractures that can affect different parts of the tooth. It is for this reason that maintaining regular oral hygiene and attending regular checkups is so vital. The two main parts of a tooth are… Continue reading

Mouth Trauma from Sports Injury

Three beautiful young women with perfect smiles.

With school back in session and kids participating in sports, the risk of tooth injury from sports is high. In fact, according to statistics, over 3 million teeth are knocked out (avulsed) each year. Dental injuries are highest with basketball and baseball due to the lack of facial protection. Other sports such as hockey, rugby… Continue reading

Steps to Take for a Broken Tooth

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Proper oral hygiene should be a priority in your life. Requiring less than five minutes a day, you should be able to maintain a healthy smile. You only get one set of permanent teeth in your lifetime, so maintaining your oral health needs to be something you take an active role in. However, even the… Continue reading

Proper Oral Hygiene During this Pandemic

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Juban Cowen Dental Care cares about you, your family, and your health. The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry mandated that “all dentist offices in Louisiana will only perform essential procedures starting March 18 until at least April 16.” Non-essential procedures consist of any type of procedure that can be delayed for 30 days without, in… Continue reading

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